Cabrinha X-Series Wing MKii

Cabrinha X-Series Wing MKii


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When we introduced the X-Series wings, we took Cabrinha’s foil program to a whole new level. Through working alongside SINTEF and the University of Norway where we were able to fully breakdown and simulate hydrofoil performance in the world's largest cavitation tank. From this we have been able to further evolve the X-Series into the industry’s leading all round hydrofoil. Early lift, but with a high-top speed has been achieved, and through refined tip shape and profile, you are able to break the tips free, but still be ready to carve into your next turn.

The Fusion X-Series Kits come with everything you need, you just need to add your mast of choice. (Masts sold separately)


Included in Kit

Wing & Stabilizer

Fusion Fuselage Alloy Medium

Track Nut Train X2

Screw Set Foam Core Boards


Design Profile

Swept LE, Straight TE, Ultra lean efficient profile, moderate anhedral.


Wing Features

Loose and agile

All round lean profile

Refined tip shape

Tapered fit

Torsional Stiffness

Medium AR

PMI core

Pre Preg construction



Tech Specs

X700- 700cm^2, WS 640mm, AR 5.85, Chord 140

X930- 930cm^2, WS 750mm, AR 6.05, Chord 165

X1240- 1240cm^2 WS 870mm, AR 6.10, Chord 190

X1650- 1650 cm^2, WS 1010mm, AR 6.18, Chord 220

X2100- 2100 cm^2, WS 1150mm, AR 6.01, Chord 255


K2FWXFWNG070XXX - Cabrinha X-Series Wing MKii 700cm - RRP £730

K2FWXFWNG093XXX - Cabrinha X-Series Wing MKii 930cm - RRP £730

K2FWXFWNG124XXX - Cabrinha X-Series Wing MKii 1240cm - RRP £790

K2FWXFWNG165XXX - Cabrinha X-Series Wing MKii 1650cm - RRP £1000

K2FWXFWNG210XXX - Cabrinha X-Series Wing MKii 2100cm - RRP £1150


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