SmoothStar 30" Barracuda (Blue)

SmoothStar 30" Barracuda (Blue)


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The Barracuda deck is designed for young surfing groms up to max height 135cm. It is a super responsive, tight turning, take anywhere surf carving machine. But don't let its size fool you. It's one serious surf training tool designed for younger kids wanting to progress and refine their technique, especially when the waves decide to go on holiday!


Optimum Size                Deep Concave               Wheel Size                      Grom

Tech Specs
  • Weight - 3.9kg
  • Deck - 30″ Blue fish scale deck
  • Deck Tail Width - 20cm
  • Bearings - ABEC 7
  • Trucks - Polished Aluminium
  • Thruster Type - SmoothStar Thruster I (as standard)

Why is the Barracuda deck thinner than the Flying Fish?

The Barracuda is designed for a younger child where their feet are much smaller. This means you don't need the excessive width that the Flying Fish has as the Flying Fish is designed for groms to teenagers who have bigger feet. The Barracuda deck width matches perfectly with the average foot size of a smaller child.

Why does the Barracuda with a shorter wheel base, turn slightly less than the Flying Fish?

Sometimes people think that the Flying Fish turns more but this is mainly due to the extra width of the Flying Fish which enables kids to lean a bit more into thier turns. With the smaller size of the Barracuda, the rider is not moving their feet around which means they can ride the board in the same stance without moving their feet.


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