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SmoothStar 32.5" Johanne Defay (Teal & Grey)

SmoothStar 32.5" Johanne Defay (Teal & Grey)


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Johanne’s board is suitable for groms over 155cm and adults under 181cm. This model SmoothStar is ideal for the surfer who is of average height and who wants to perform all the carving maneuvers such as: Round House Turns, Drawn out Carves and Grab Rail turns.



Optimum Size            Deep Concave                  Wheel Size                       Adult

The 32.5” is the most popular model amongst male and female SmoothStar junior Team Riders, as they can push hard through their turns due to the extra concave in the deck. The tail is the widest of all SmoothStar models, which accommodates the back foot so that your toes don't hang off the edge.

It has been closely developed with Female pro Surfer Johanne Defay and mimics her powerful carving surf turns. The 32.5″ model has the deepest concave of all of the smaller high performance models under 33″.

The deeper concave enables riders to hold the rail more than other models and helps maintain compression through the turn, just like surfing.

Tech Specs
  • Weight - 4.1kg
  • Deck - 32.5″ Teal & Grey
  • Deck Tail Width - 26cm
  • Bearings - ABEC 7
  • Trucks - Polished Aluminium
  • Thruster Type - SmoothStar Thruster I (as standard)

Why is the Johanne Defay model most popular with SmoothStar team riders?

The reason for team riders opting to go for the Defay model is down to the diversity this board offers. With the deep concave and wider tail it means that you can push harder through your turns and maintain compression through the turn, just like you would surfing.

Is the Johanne Defay model for women only?

No! All of our models are suitable for both men and women. This particular pro model has been closely developed with Johanne Defay.

Why do people like riding the Johanne Defay with barefeet?

The deep concave allows you to feel the heel to toe movement more whilst using bare feet. Again, similarly to surfing, people do not use footwear whilst surfing and the surf trainer is made to bring you the closest feeling to surfing. The grip tape has been created to enable you to use the board without shoes and make the feeling painless and gripy.


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